What is the role of the Friends of CPJMA?

The FOCPJMA is a parent-led, nonprofit fundraising organization that raises money to aid teachers and educational support staff in providing a higher level of education then what is available due to current budget constraints. We strive to provide our school with the much needed benefits that only fundraising can bring and this is done by parents like you!


How much does the Auction raise?

The FOCPJMA hopes to raise more than one third of its revenue budget through this event by encouraging everyone to come and participate in this wonderful event.  This means we are trying to generate profits of $20,000 in just one night!


What’s the Silent Auction?

Local merchants and CPJMA families donate hundreds of items that are packaged for auctioning prior to the Live Auction. Think of it like the “cocktail hour” prior to the main event. An example of Silent Auction offerings: wine, Teacher Features, gift certificates for services, themed baskets full of goodies, ABC projects..


What is the Live Auction?

After the Silent Auction and Teacher Features close, the Live Auction commences. The Live Auction items are typically bigger items and projects created by each class. If you want to bid on an item in the Live Auction, hold up your bidder paddle so your bidder number is visible and make sure the auctioneer and spotters notices you.


What are Teacher Features?

These are teacher planned parties or special experience that is auctioned off with a limited number of spaces. Is a student and teacher experience auctioned off. Teachers donate their time after school for this experience. Come see what your favorite teacher has planned!!


How do I know what items are going to be auctioned?

Prior to Auction Night, we’ll publish the online catalog for viewing. Look under the “Auction Catalog” link on the Auction website. All those who have purchased tickets will receive a link via email.


Do I have to spend lots of money to enjoy myself?

No! There will be items, packages, and sign up events to fit every budget. Auction Night is a great big party filled with food, friends, and fun. Use it as an opportunity to shop for gifts for others… or yourself.


What should I wear?

The auction is not a black tie event and there is no required dress code but it is a night to shine! This year’s theme is “Seas the Night”. Some may come in their cocktail dresses, suits, or San Diego casual jeans. Dress for a party and a fun night with friends!



Is this a family event?

The Auction is a grown-up party. No children, please. Sign up for one of the limited day care spots available for $5 a child or make arrangements for a babysitter so you can enjoy an adult night out.


What if I can’t come but would like to bid on an item?

Unfortunately, at this time, you must be present at the event to bid on items.

Any questions, contact Tiffany White at creativemom76@gmail.com to learn more.


If I Volunteer on Auction Night, can I bid on items?

Yes, we hope you do! When you arrive on the Auction Night, you are encouraged to Check In to get a Bid Number. This gives you freedom to bid and purchase just like our guests.


I have Auction questions, who do I contact?

Our Contact Page will get you to the right person.


What volunteer jobs need to be filled?

We always need LOTS of volunteers for the Auction. Whether it’s doing things in advance or helping set up/take down the day of, we need you! Contact Tiffany White (creativemom76@gmail.com) or Mary Schlegel (olesmamma@hotmail.com) to learn how to get involved.


What if I can’t come to the auction, are there other ways I can help?

Sure! We need people to make follow up calls for procurement, pick up items, do data entry… there are literally hundreds of tasks that can only be done if the whole community pulls together. There are jobs to fit every schedule. Contact Tiffany White (creativemom76@gmail.com) or Mary Schlegel (olesmamma@hotmail.com) to learn how to get involved.


I’m new to the school and  I’m not sure what to expect.

It’s okay. We’ve all been there. The Auction is simply an awesome party. Come join the fun!

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